Cherilynn Morrow

Trained as an astronomer, Cherilynn Morrow specializes in creative methods for teaching the science of the skies, blending art and astronomy to help people connect with the cosmos. One of her projects is AstroJazz – a public education program that integrates live jazz music (featuring Cheri as vocalist) with astronomical imagery, poetry, and a touch of humor. Indeed, AstroJazz will soon be playing at the Schraeder Planetarium in Redding, California – rather close to the new Allen Telescope Array.

Cheri also awakens latent cosmic curiosity with Kinesthetic Astronomy (KA) – a novel way to learn astronomical concepts using the human body. The first KA lesson, called Sky Time, was recently accepted for national publication. In addition, the NASA Astrobiology Institute is supporting Cheri’s efforts to join with Native American educators to develop Navajo cultural supplements for this lesson.

Recently, Cheri completed the design of an EPO plan targeted at girls for a proposed NASA Discovery mission to Venus – Earth’s “twisted sister.” In addition to its mythical persona of feminine beauty and love, Venus is a dramatically inhospitable neighbor that might be a role model for Earth-sized extrasolar planets everywhere.